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No matter what your line of work, you need to have communication skills. In radio we work to give students those skills that they will need, and we use the hook of Radio Broadcasting to develop those skills, to make them sucessful.

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KBPS provides students with a rigorous broadcast curriculum that prepares them to continue their training in either a 2 year or 4 year college program. Our students can earn college credits at Mount Hood Community College by completing the Radio Broadcasting 3 and 4 courses. In some cases, our students move from Benson, directly into employment in the broadcast industry.


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Radio Broadcasting 2 Course Syllabus

Radio Broadcasting 3 Course Syllabus

Radio Broadcasting 4 Course Syllabus


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KBPS Radio Broadcasting Program Brochure

Radio 2 Unit Plans - Unit Plan 1     Unit Plan 2     Unit Plan 3

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As a part of their training, students in the broadcast program at Benson high school are the staff of AM 1450 KBPS. Here’s a brief rundown of the on-air opportunities for students:

TEEN SOUND: Popular music, news, features and interviews of interest to high school age students. The program airs 6:00am-6:00pm weekdays. Teen Sound gives Benson High School radio students another opportunity to use their classroom skills on the air.

SPORTS: Students learn the basics of sportscasting as they broadcast play-by-play coverage of Portland Interscholastic League football and basketball games. KBPS uses state of the art digital remote broadcast equipment. Students receive a Career Related Learning Experience with industry standard broadcast equipment.

COVERAGE OF SPECIAL EVENTS: From time to time, opportunities arise for students to participate in the production of special broadcast programming such as election news coverage, Rose Festival interviews and coverage of the annual Benson Tech Show.


KBPS ESL Class: Benson High School has offered an after school Radio Broadcasting class for ESL high school students in the Portland School District. ESL students take the regular broadcast curriculum with learning strategies for ESL students. Students then produce public service announcements in their native language. Here is a MP3 sample of student work.

Volunteer at PPS Spanish Announcement

Contact the Portland Public Schools ESL department if you are interested in having this class return as a after school option. 


Tech Show 2013 videos spotlighting Benson's curriculum offerings:

Tech Show Video 1

Tech Show Video 2

Tech Show Video 3